November Update

Hello friends. I hope Halloween ‘treated’ you well and you are all recovering from the sugar high.

Book efforts are moving along nicely, and the most recent copyedit is due back any day now; I'll soon incorporate those changes to the manuscript. Recent efforts have involved not only polishing up the latest draft, but exploring publicity and audiobook options.

Launch date will likely be in March or April to give time for reviewers who will be evaluating advanced reader copies. Before launch, I’ll be posting the book on Amazon with the opportunity to pre-order for delivery on launch day.

I’ve also finalized the cover design. Artist Diana Buidoso put together a wraparound design with back cover elements and colors that match the front.

A map has also been finished by Jackson Cunningham, depicting the Great Land where the story is set, along with some of the key places that you’ll encounter in the story.

A winner for the latest giveaway has been announced, congratulations, Gracie!

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Thanks for all your support!

-David A. Willson

LFD 20171025 Full 55x85

Full cover design