The Characters


Nara Dall

Bright red hair, vibrant green eyes, Nara Dall lives in the small village of Dimmitt with her adopted father, Bylo.  She has powerful magic, but is reluctant to use her gifts.


Mykel Aragos

A native of the Shem tribe, Mykel Aragos lives in Dimmitt with his little brother, Sam, and his father, Jimm.  He is in love with Nara, and dreams of being a powerful warrior.


Kayna Vorick

Kayna Vorick is the adopted daughter of Lord Nikolas Vorick, the Great Land's Minister of War and Justice.  Like Nara, Kayna has great magic, but this girl has no qualms about using it.

Bylo Dall

Bylo Dall is an aging monk who seeks to protect Nara at all costs.  His efforts to master the magic of scriptural runes are essential to the developing story.

Nikolas Vorick

Small, physically weak, yet possessing vast magical powers as the only blessed heralded by the Church in 100 years, Lord Minister Nikolas Vorick is the main antagonist in Looking for Dei.

Gwyn Khoury

Unloved and fiercely independant, Gwyn Khoury leads a solitary life as a mercenary.  She has been hired to locate Nara Dall and bring her to Minister Vorick.