Pre-Orders Live on Amazon!

Pre-orders are live! The Looking for Dei e-book is now available on Amazon for pre-order. Downloads will occur on the launch date, March 23rd, 2018. At that time, paperback and audiobook versions will also become available. Thanks for all the […]

November Update

Hello friends. I hope Halloween ‘treated’ you well and you are all recovering from the sugar high. Book efforts are moving along nicely, and the most recent copyedit is due back any day now; I’ll soon incorporate those changes to […]

October Update

The new cover is looking good, the manuscript has been submitted for a content edit, and I’ve begun to seek auditions from audiobook narrators.  Progress! In the meanwhile, I thought I’d offer some thoughts on human conflict that have been […]

Win Some FREE LFD Art!!

Enter the Giveaway! Surf on over to our Facebook page and enter to win a 12″ x 16″ canvas of Looking for Dei art! The art is on canvas with a wood frame, depicting two characters in the novel, […]

A bit about runes…

July update, 2017 Someone I care very much about happens to be fascinated with names. And words. And languages. By age nine, this interesting person had already accumulated half a dozen baby-name books. Not because she was obsessed with motherhood, […]

Creative Writing and Cover Design

I’ve been spending time with audiobooks and Photoshop. Friends, I just finished a great creative-writing audiobook from James Hynes. What a fantastic listen! Hynes touches on character development, dialogue, point-of-view, and plot development. He delivers wisdom, but also encouragement, sharing […]