Creative Writing and Cover Design

Creative Writing and Cover Design

I've been spending time with audiobooks and Photoshop.


I just finished a great creative-writing audiobook from James Hynes. What a fantastic listen! Hynes touches on character development, dialogue, point-of-view, and plot development. He delivers wisdom, but also encouragement, sharing a mature perspective on a writer’s challenges, and what can be expected from the lifestyle. As I continue the work on Looking for Dei, his chapters on revision have proven particularly encouraging.

If you’ve ever wanted to take the fabulous journey of writing a book, Hynes has produced a guide that I highly recommended!

In other news, Looking for Dei is moving along quite nicely, and in the process of a professional revision. I have been working on art the last few days, and would love opinions on which cover is preferred.

Option 1: Existing cover with Nara/Kayna depicted - Mount Fi in the background.


Option 2: Single rune with Mount Fi in the background.

Please comment below or visit the Facebook page to share your opinion!

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Original Cover

This is the original cover as envisioned by the brilliant artist, Diana Buidoso.

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New Cover Option

In case one prefers more mystery, this cover depicts a rune like those spoken of throughout the novel (we'll talk more about runes in a blog post next month).

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