Launch Day – Finding Kai

Launch Day – Finding Kai

And… it’s out! Book two of the Godseeker Duet, Finding Kai, is out today and available in both eBook and paperback on Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the series!

Finding Kai is now available at!

At great personal cost, Nara Dall has defeated King Vorick, yet the Great Land is still not free. Her twin sister, Kayna, has taken the throne and is committing unspeakable acts. If the terrifying rumors hold true, she will soon have cursed warriors at her disposal – an army to hunt Nara down and destroy everything she holds dear.

Desperate to stop Kayna’s cruelty, Nara embarks on a journey with few allies, untested magic, and a crisis of faith. To find victory, she must call upon every ounce of her strength and courage. But will she be strong enough to defeat Kayna and bring an end to her dark regime? And will the Great Land survive the battle to come?

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