New Book Announcement!

New Book Announcement!

"Wet, Warm and Noisy": A Crime Thriller Inspired by Real-Life Experiences

Today, I am thrilled to share with you a significant milestone in my journey as an author. The first draft and preliminary edits of my new novel, "Wet, Warm and Noisy," are complete, and the beta readers are already diving into its pages. The creation of this book is not merely a work of fiction, but was inspired by the real-life heroes I had the honor of working beside.

A Reflection of Two Decades in Law Enforcement

Too often, crime fiction is crafted by those who have no actual experience doing the job.  To be fair, law enforcement officers are busy putting themselves in harm’s way to protect the public, leaving little energy to also craft stories.  We must then leave our crime entertainment to authors who’ve never conducted a traffic stop, never interviewed the victim of a violent crime, and never sat it an interview room with a killer.  What we’re left with is content that falls short of educating the public about the true challenges of the field.

During my two decades as an Alaska State Trooper, I engaged primarily in major criminal investigations, but held other roles including patrol Trooper, Field Training Officer, academy instructor, recruiter, polygraph operator, Major Crimes Sergeant, Child Abuse Investigations Unit Supervisor, and ultimately, the Commander of Division Operations at the Alaska State Trooper Headquarters. I’ve been fortunate to be a team member in major public safety victories in our state, and have witnessed heroic efforts by the men and women who wear that noble uniform as they waded through the mud, the blood and the bullets every day.

This journey helped shaped my worldview but I have been fortunate to retire with enough vigor to weave stories that truly reflect the essence of this distinct public safety role. The tough Alaskan terrain, combined with the extraordinary challenges faced by those who enforce the law here, have been rich sources of inspiration for my work. These experiences lend a genuine quality to the story’s setting, bringing authenticity that could only come from someone who has lived the lived of an Alaska State Trooper.

A Personal Battle: Triumph Over Pancreatic Cancer

While my career as a state trooper provided the framework for the novel's setting and inspiration for the heroes within those pages, it was my personal battle with pancreatic cancer that imbued the narrative with a deeper sense of spirit. This journey through illness and recovery was transformative, influencing not just my worldview but also how I approach storytelling. It has instilled a deeper appreciation for the fragility of life, the complexity of the human spirit, and personal faith – themes that are deeply woven into the fabric of the novel.

"Wet, Warm and Noisy": The Draft Book Blurb

Surrounded by the unforgiving climate of the frozen north, Jake Ward, a tenacious Alaska State Trooper Investigator and cancer survivor, is on a relentless quest to regain his health and return to full-duty status.

But Ward's world takes a bone-chilling turn during a routine polygraph examination when a young woman escapes custody, leaving an officer critically injured. What started as an ordinary investigation transforms into a complex web of intrigue, where radiation treatment and quantum consciousness collide with glimpses into the afterlife.

In "Wet, Warm, and Noisy," Willson masterfully blurs the boundaries between law enforcement and the supernatural, leading readers on a heart-pounding journey through a realm where the tangible and the mysterious intersect. With time slipping away, can Ward decipher the enigmas that defy logic, or will forces that transcend human experience overwhelm him?

Author David A. Willson, with over two decades of experience as an Alaska State Trooper, brings a rare authenticity to crime fiction that will both enlighten and captivate you.  Prepare yourself for an electrifying thriller that challenges the very foundations of our reality.

Gratitude and Anticipation

As the beta readers immerse themselves in the world of "Wet, Warm and Noisy," I find myself both nervous and excited. Their feedback will be crucial in refining the story, ensuring that it not only resonates with readers but also stands as a testament to the experiences that have shaped it.

This novel is more than just a crime thriller; it's a part of me, a narrative born from my life as an Trooper and a survivor of pancreatic cancer. It's a story of resilience, the human spirit, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Stay tuned for more updates as "Wet, Warm and Noisy" moves closer to publication. Your support and interest mean the world to me.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.


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