Dark Matter (book review)

Dark Matter (book review)

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Category:  Technothriller/Sci-Fi

Ok, I liked this one. Not because of the science because, to be honest, it was pretty thin. Multiple universe theories are pretty common in sci-fi that touches on the quantum realm, but this was a bit fantastical. Stretched me beyond the comfort zone. Besides, I don't believe in multiple universes; I think it's a copout because physicists are too cowardly to consider the more likely cosmology. 'Nuff said about that.

But the writing style was top notch. I'm an author and I've never written a novel in first person but if I were to do so, it'd be in the style Crouch used. Fast paced, emotions rattled off as single sentences with carriage returns so they are their own paragraph, descriptors, ah... good stuff. Loved the way he really puts you in the moment.

But five stars, David? Yeah, I know, but the style was good enough to get past my issues with the plot design. I'm not a reader who loves character-driven stories too much, I really like the plot that moves forward. In this aspect, Crouch delivered and then some. Reading this novel felt like I was driving a Ferrari and the g-forces were making my cheeks do all kinds of weird things, my brain was pushed up against one side of my skull and my eyes were crossed, roller coaster style.

Nice job, Blake. It was probably hard to edit this one to have such amazing momentum, but good job. Be proud.


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